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homeopathyWhat is homeopathy?

Homeopathy treats illness by stimulating your body’s own natural healing powers. Your homeopath builds up a complete picture of you and prescribes treatment for you as an individual, not simply for your complaint.
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Homeopathy at workHow does it work?

Homeopaths see symptoms as a sign that you body is attacking an illness and use remedies which encourage this response and help the healing process. When you have symptoms of illness, your homeopath will give you a remedy which would produce similar symptoms if taken when you were healthy.
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research-labResearch in Homeopathy

There have been many studies proving the medical benefits of a Homeopathic-based treatment. Use our Research Index to access a wide selection of Research Papers on Homeopathy.
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Homeopathic TreatmentsWhat does Homeopathy treat?

Allergies, Anxiety, Aspergers/Autistic Spectrum, Asthma, Attention Disorders, Autoimmune Disease, Candida & Other Yeast Problems, Childhood disease, Chronic Fatigue, Cystitis, Degenerative Diseases, Depression
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