What is Homeopathy?

HomepathyHomeopathy in a Nutshell

Homeopathy is a system of medical therapeutics based upon fundamental laws of nature. It is a curative system of therapy that restores health by stimulating the body’s own systems of defence and repair.

The first and central law of homeopathic science is the Law of Similars: what a substance can cause, it can cure! Stated more fully: the mental, emotional and physical symptoms and signs which any substance can cause in a healthy subject, when administered in material or dynamic form, are the very symptoms and signs which the substance can cure, when administered in dynamic form to a sick person. The dynamic form is non-molecular – a pattern of healing, energy frequencies – a specific, quantum stimulus known as a homeopathic potency.

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Simple examples of healing by similarity: Allium cepa, the red onion, causes intense itching and watering of the eyes and nose and attacks of sneezing; it is frequently indicated for the treatment of head colds and hay fever: coffee causes insomnia and mental hyperactivity; used as a homeopathic potency it relaxes the mind and permits natural sleep.

Dr Samuel HahnemannDr Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) first formulated the principles upon which homeopathic science is based. Experimenting with quinine, he proved that it not only possesses the power to cure malaria, but can also cause malaria-like symptoms in healthy subjects. Similar tests with various plant, animal and mineral substances, revealed the same universal relationship between cause and cure.

The curative potential of a remedy is revealed and developed by administering it to healthy subjects under controlled, trial conditions. The symptom picture that emerges is known as a proving and provides a template for matching remedy and patient. The art of homeopathy is the selection of a remedy, which in it’s proving (a pathogenetic trial), has produced a clinical picture or syndrome most similar to that displayed by the patient.

As perceived by Hippocrates, the symptoms and signs of disease are understood to represent the effort of the body to re-establish homeostasis and bring about a cure. They reveal the picture of an incomplete healing process, which must not be suppressed, but assisted to its completion by a remedy capable of producing a similar picture. In this way the inherent, curative power of the body is stimulated. For example, Arsenic, which causes severe vomiting and diarrhoea, becomes an ideal remedy for many cases of gastro-enteritis.

Remedies in dynamic form are free of toxicity and yet remain therapeutically active. This is possible because of the second law of homeopathy, the Law of the Infinitesimal Dose: the healing power of a substance is in direct ratio to its degree of serial dilution, when each stage of dilution is accompanied by a period of agitation (shaking or grinding), and the remedy is prescribed according to the Law of Similars. This process of potentisation imprints the image of the remedy upon the molecules of the solvent and progressively amplifies it. This is a phenomenon of quantum physics. It is the quantum form of the remedy that renders it capable of providing the curative stimulus.

In the selection of a remedy, the homeopath regards each patient as a unique being. The remedy is selected on the basis, not only of the clinical diagnosis, but also, and especially, on those aspects and attributes which reveal the patient’s uniqueness – the life experience, personality, values, beliefs, habits and emotions. Disease affects the entire patient in body, mind, emotions and soul, and the remedy must be selected on holistic principles and administered in quantum form to be able to address all these levels of existence and prove curative.

In these days of increasing chronic disease, sinister viral infections, resistant organisms, super bugs and a host of incurable conditions, a system of healing that is non-toxic and capable of stimulating the body to heal itself, is more essential that ever before. Homeopathy is such a system!

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